Controlled Opening of OLPH

As mentioned at Mass, we have been allowed to celebrate the Mass somewhat publicly starting Monday, May 11, based upon certain conditions that will be enforced. These conditions, along with rules, are being communicated so that people can make an informed decision, knowing that compliance is not only for everyone’s sake, but also is necessary to attend Mass. Ushers will be at the entrances to the church, ensuring that everyone’s health is being safeguarded & that everyone cooperates. While the Bishop is allowing Mass attendance, he has still dispensed the Obligation to attend Mass on Sunday, so no sin is imputed if you do not feel comfortable attending Mass at this time. For those who do wish to attend Mass, the following are conditions & rules that are in force.

• If you are sick with any temperature, coughing, sore throat, or any trouble breathing, do not come.
• If you have any children under the age of 2 years, please do not come.
• If you have any children who are young & have difficulty focusing, please do not come.
• You will need a mask & to wear it in order to enter church.

For WEEKEND MASSES ONLY:  SUN 9:30 am English; SUN Noon Spanish.

Reservations will need to be made in advance. Please contact either Nancy Romaniello in the parish office or Fr. John either by phone 803/432-6131 or email: or The ushers will seat based on the reservation sheet given them. Please make your reservation by noon Thursday.
• Upon arrival, ushers will seat individuals & families in specific pews for maximum seating & safety. Families will need to stay in their pews until Communion & the end of Mass, unless someone needs to use the washroom. Children who like to wander during Mass should not come at this time. Minimal moving around the church is key during this phase.
• The ushers will collect the offertory, but will not reach through the pew to maintain social distancing.
• The ushers will direct each pew when it is time to come forward for Communion to ensure proper distancing between households.
• After Mass, people still need to maintain social distancing.

As we have been told that there may be local enforcement on churches to follow guidelines of safe distancing, we too will need to enforce them.