Baptism for infants:
Parents must be registered and participating members in the parish for at least six (6) months. No date will be set until sacramental preparation has been completed with the pastor. The preparation process requires the parents to attend (2) baptism preparation sessions  with the pastor.  These sacramental preparation meetings are required for the family’s first (2) children.
Email:   Nancy Romaniello  or call 803-432-6131 Ext. 10    Hablo Español


Baptism for children 7 years and older:
The process of initiation into the Church for children older than seven years of age, who were not baptized as infants, is determined by each child’s readiness.

Parents need to speak with the pastor to discuss the preparation needed for the child as Canon Law requires pastors to ensure that a person is well-disposed and prepared to receive any sacrament.

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