“Learning to sing, in choral singing, is not only an exercise of physical hearing and of the voice; it is also an education in inner hearing, the hearing of the heart, an exercise and an education in living and in peace.  Singing in a choir is an education in life, an education in peace, an education in walking together.”

  Pope Benedict XVI


The Music Ministry serves the People of God, as an artistic, musical enhancement to the Mass.  Prayerful music making reassures all of our inherent oneness and the Love of Christ. There is joyful good news in the OLPH Music Ministry.  With each rehearsal, Mass, service, relationship, good work, concert, social fellowship, reading of the Word and prayer, we enjoy unified purpose and freedom. All are welcome.

Contact Person: Email: or phone: 803-420-8663


Cantors also serve by leading the congregation in singing.   

Email: or phone: 803-420-8663