“Learning to sing, in choral singing, is not only an exercise of physical hearing and of the voice; it is also an education in inner hearing, the hearing of the heart, an exercise and an education in living and in peace.  Singing in a choir is an education in life, an education in peace, an education in walking together.”

  Pope Benedict XVI

OLPH has lost the very heart of our Music Ministry as Billy Shepherd has chosen a well-earned retirement after almost 40 years of service. Please click here for photos of our celebration of Billy!

As we “soldier on” without Billy, we ask any and all to consider a commitment to the OLPH Music Ministry. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 6:30p and we sing at the 9:30a Sunday Mass, Holy Days and special events (i.e., Confirmation, First Eucharist, etc.).


Cantors also serve by leading the congregation in singing.   

Email: or phone: 803-432-6131