The Diocese of Charleston requires a minimum of six (6) months prior to the desired wedding date for pre-nuptial document marriage preparation; more time is required if there might be any impediments to the marriage.

While we understand the time required to prepare and plan for a wedding, the Church calendar fills up quickly, so it is important that couples wishing to marry at Our Lady of Perpetual Help contact the church office before reserving a venue and specific date.  When you contact the parish, a date can be temporarily set and will be confirmed after the couple has their initial meeting with the Pastor.

Couples requesting a wedding at Our Lady of Perpetual Help should be registered and active members of the parish for at least (6) months.  We understand that often couples seek to get married in a church that is not their parish but is more convenient to one or both sides of the family.

A booklet with more information on this may be obtained through the parish office.

Contact: Nancy Romaniello at 803-432-6131 Ext. 11  or